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Roadside Telephone Assistance

Roadside Telephone Assistance for Text Users

The Highways Agency have launched an emergency roadside telephone of particular benefit to Deaf and hard of hearing users. The ERT features an innovative text facility for non-verbal communication.

The new emergency roadside telephone (ERT) is a high-visability unit, which may be configured to meet different installation requirements. Unlike its predecessor, the Type 354 also offers a range of innovative features that greatly improve the clarity and functionality for both the user at the roadside, and for the operator monitoring calls in the dedicated Control Office.

This new ERT utilises a sophisticated Noise-Cancelling system to give improved audio performance both for the road user and the Control Office operator. Furthermore, the innovative use of non-voice communications enables the ERT to be used by people who have difficulty communicating in spoken English (eg. the hard of hearing of non English speaking.)

The ERT has many innovative features including:

  • display for user prompting, volume control and non-voice communication;
  • stylish ergonomic design;
  • patented safety design meeting latest European Standards, BS EN 12767;
  • environmentally friendly with solar cells and very low power consumption;
  • low maintenance costs and increased reliability.

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